Mars Air curtains are installed over doors, pass-thru windows, & openings to protect your building's environment from extreme outside temperatures, windborne dust, dirt, fumes, & flying insects. Mars has been manufacturing air curtains since 1962 & are recognized as the industry leader.  Mars recently added our Quiet Pro, HEPA Series, & UV Series to complement our existing offering & cover more applications for our customers.  Check out our Energy Savings Calculator on the Mars webiste!

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Mars Air Video

Check out this quick video detailing how Mars air curtains protect your building environment!

Mars Air Curtain - Stack Effect Explained

Stack effect is when cold air sinks & warm air rises, creating air flow between two areas.  Notice the smoke blows out when lower (cold air escaping from cooler), then hits a neutral zone in the middle, & then blows in the cooler when higher (warm air entering the cooler).  When the Mars Air Curtain is activated, it keeps the cold air in the cooler & warm out out of the cooler, environments are effectively separated.